Introduction to C# Beginner Course


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Hello, and congratulations on your decision to learn C#. This course is a gentle and interactive introduction to C#.

It assumes no background in C# and only a little experience in programming. If you ever need more help on a particular topic, check the "Deep Dive" section at the end of each tutorial. This will direct you to basic and advanced information related to each topic.

The great thing about .NET Academy is that you can write code, play with it, break it and start all over. If you have a question about how to do something, just try it! If you want to try out some code that isn't directly in a lesson, jump over to our sister site .NET Fiddle and "fiddle" around to your hearts content.


In this tutorial you will learn

  • How to use .NET Academy
  • The similarities and differences between .NET Academy, .NET Fiddle and Visual Studio
  • How to use Interactive Examples
  • About SurveyBuilder, a program we will build throughout the tutorials
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