.NET Academy is powered by .NET Fiddle.


Microsoft has been very good about releasing and supporting languages like C# and F#. Unfortunately many young developers only find out about these languages when they get a job with company that uses MS stack. There are few educational insitutations and websites that use C# or other MS languages to teach programming. Sites like codecademy.com and codeschool.com enable people to see what programming is all about, using Javascript, Ruby and Python. With .NET Academy, we are hoping to do the same, but using .NET languages.


  • Choose from tutorials available for your level: Beginner, Intermidiate or Advanced
  • Pick a language that you would like to pursue: C# or VB.NET. F# is coming soon
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Become a teacher. Create tutorials to share your knowledge with others
  • Provide iteractive as well as static code examples
  • Built using latest version of Roslyn, next generation C# and VB.NET compiler, as well as code analysis API
  • Extensive integration with .NET Fiddle in case you want to take your code to next level